Mustang soars to new performance heights

Mustang Emily Hall
Mustang Emily Hall in one of her routines.

Emily Hall– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- There’s no feeling like it…Suspended from the ceiling by nothing but ribbon, spinning wildly while the ground rushes toward you.  I know this is true because I am an aerial artist.

When I was in seventh grade, I started taking a kids aerial yoga class at CircuSoul, a yoga and aerial arts studio in Sarasota. The class was far from any yoga classes that I have taken and primarily comprised of doing fun tricks on the aerial hammocks, which were hammocks made up of a strong fabric.

I instantly fell in love with doing tricks in the air, and when my teacher, Lexi Sutherland, suggested upgrading to her aerial silks class, I readily started taking it.

The silks are similar to the aerial hammock but they are just made up of the fabric hanging from a high point on the ceiling and act sort of like a softer rope. They were even more entertaining than the hammocks because of the increased number of tricks that could be performed and the fact that I could climb up higher to do them.

I loved the thrill of being up high and maneuvering to wrap myself into different positions, putting my faith in the fabric to avoid plummeting.

About two years later, Sutherland told me that she would no longer be teaching at CircuSoul but would instead, after a few months of performing with a traveling circus, teach a general circus arts class at Jump Dance Company.

I was sad that she was going away, but I decided to stick with her after her time in the circus and started taking classes at Jump Dance Company. It provided more opportunities to learn a variety of circus arts and was convenient because it’s close to my house.

The circus class that Sutherland taught had an assortment of equipment like the aerial sling (a longer aerial hammock), silks, the lyra (a hanging metal hoop), and performing grade hula-hoops.

Taking the circus arts class at Jump Dance Company even encouraged me to start taking a lyrical dance class, which I have had a lot of fun taking.

I am still taking the circus class and have even started taking private classes with Sutherland to improve my skills. I don’t think I could stop chasing the rush of being suspended in the air even if I wanted to.

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