New Mustangs provide new perspective

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New mustangs Aaron Lurie & Ethan Ryno.

Lucas Scott – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- It’s not uncommon for a Mustang to start their school year at LRHS only days after moving to Florida.

Sophomores Aaron Lurie, a former Pennsylvanian, and Ethan Ryno, a former Delaware resident, said their families came for the warm weather and beautiful beaches.

Lurie arrived in Florida in late July, only a month before the school year. Even more abruptly, Ryno moved in a week before the first day of school.

Lurie said, “I actually benefited from moving to Florida so close to school as I made friends as soon as I moved. If I had moved earlier, I would not have been able to spend time with my friends back in Pennsylvania and not enjoyed my summer.”

Ryno said, “The weather is great, and I don’t need to wear a sweatshirt in September.”

Lurie found more interest in Florida’s exotic characteristics.

Lurie said, “I like that there are lizards everywhere and that all of the animals are more sociable.”

Regarding LRHS, now his second high-school, Lurie said, “I enjoy the exterior campus, it’s a lot more exciting than my old school’s indoor one.”

Both Lurie and Ryno agreed that they are looking forward to their future in both Florida and at LRHS.

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