100 gecs attracting enthusiastic, select audience


Hayes DuJardin – Mustangs Ahead

reviews symbol (4)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – If you’re the type of music listener who enjoys jumping genre-to-genre, never settling into one sound, then 100 gecs may be the group for you. Unfortunately, most people aren’t that kind of music listener.

Dylan Brady and Laura Les are two artists who created one of the most interesting pop albums of 2019 (Brady resides in Los Angeles while Les calls Chicago home). The two have roots in the music industry, producing for many different underground rappers who have since taken off. But after a successful self-titled 2015 debut mixtape, they realized 100 gecs had true potential to make a name for themselves.

Four years of hard work later, the duo released “1000 gecs”, an album which blends elements of genres ranging from pop-punk to nightcore to EDM to hardcore and anything in between.

The album is a polarizing one, as its lack of genre consistency makes it a difficult listening experience for many listeners. Someone who is expecting to sit back and listen to a pop album may be thrown off by the ska cut “Stupid Horse,” which is entirely centered around a bet gone wrong, or the intense house breakdowns at the ends of what seem like otherwise accessible tracks.

Despite this, 100 gecs has developed a rabid fanbase, and critical acclaim to boot. Their daring genre-hopping will hopefully continue to intensify as time goes on.

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