On-campus coffee delivery program welcome by teachers and students

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Sydney Jamison– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS does its best to accommodate and educate all students. The school’s Special Needs program has been broadening its students’ horizons this year by establishing a teacher coffee service.

The coffee service is a chance for the students to gain real world experience and work alongside others to accomplish a goal, which in this case is delivering teachers their morning cup of coffee.

Teachers who signed up for the coffee service give the class, taught by exceptional Student education teacher Melissa Koehlinger,  a cup with their names on it and fill out an order card. The card tells the students how many creams or sugars the teacher wants and what time they want it delivered.

Geometry teacher Tiffany Knight gets her coffee every morning and really enjoys what the class is doing.

“My favorite part of receiving the coffee is communicating with the kids and seeing them every day,” said Knight.

Knight pointed out that the different student deliver coffee every day.

“Usually Skyler brings me my coffee in the morning. She’s always happy and talkative. I just really love those kids,” said Knight.

Koehlinger said, “It’s been amazing because I haven’t had to buy any more [coffee] supplies because the teachers have been so generous in donating to the class.”

There are other students that take the class as an elective in order to help the special needs students complete their tasks.

Sophomore Kelsey McLeod’s is participating in the program for the first year. She loves working with the students, especially helping with the coffee delivery service.

“I heard really good things about the class my freshman year, so I decided to take it and I fell in love. I plan on taking it for the next two years,” said McLeod.  “My favorite part about the new coffee service is the fact that the teachers really appreciate it and the kids love to deliver.”

LRHS early childhood teacher Elaine Bowling recently started receiving coffee from the service.

“My favorite part of the program is the fact that the students get to participate in helping others,” said Bowling.

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