Ella Botko and Marissa Briggs – Mustangs Ahead

student for safety logo(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS club Students for Safety (SFS) is working to bring awareness for school safety throughout National School Safety Week.

National School Safety week takes place from Oct 21 – 25, its purpose is to bring unity to the school and to help prevent tragedies from occurring.

SFS is partnering with Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) to plan a series of activities to commemorate this week, including getting students from all lunches to sign a nonviolence pledge and creating posters with school safety tips on them.

On Monday members and officers hung posters around the school to bring attention to the events of the upcoming week.

On Tuesday a pledge to school safety will take place at all lunches.

On Wednesday a video put together by the club will be played, although when and where is yet to be determined. This video will include club members and officers, as well as some LRHS staff talking about the importance of creating a sense of community in the school and the cruciality of keeping our school environment safe.

On Thursday SFS will encourage students to wear orange to represent safety.

Friday the club plans to meet and celebrate the week’s success with donuts and reflect and discuss what they accomplished throughout the week.

Co-founder of Students for Safety, junior Marissa Briggs, expressed her excitement for the upcoming week.

“As we enter National Safety Week, our club couldn’t be more excited to host activities throughout the week and bring this important week to the community’s attention,” said Briggs.

SFS and SAVE hope to carry on the tradition of National School Safety week for years to come.

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