Some Buzzfeed quizzes better than others


Lindsey Limbach – Mustangs Ahead

buzzfeed arrow(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – To pass the time, some LRHS Mustangs are known to take fun Buzzfeed quizzes. Although the quizzes aren’t taken seriously, there are some out there that just plain should not exist. As a Buzzfeed fan, here is my opinion on the three most unnecessary types of Buzzfeed quizzes:

  1. Does your crush like you back? – These types of quizzes are stupid because the answers are based off your choices, not those of your person of interest. It’s all fun and games until you’re given false hope by some random person on the other side of the screen who gave you a limited four choices per question to determine your future.
  2. How many kids will you have? – These quizzes are not only stupid, but the results have no correlation with the questions you’re answering. You could be building your ideal ice cream sundae, or picking your favorite vacation spots, and in the end, you’ll be told that you are going to have four kids because you chose Hawaii over Paris.
  3. What letter does your soulmate’s name begin with? – Like the “how many kids will you have?” quizzes, these results also have no correlation with the questions you’re answering. You are given the option to choose between looking for humor or loyalty in a partner and you’ll get the result of “L.” The letter someone’s name begins with has nothing to do with those qualities.

Sure, Buzzfeed quizzes can be a fun way to pass the time. What isn’t fun about getting silly answers? However, you must admit… some of them are just best left alone.

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