Mustangs warned about “senioritis”


Gabbi Tomaselli – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Senioritis, for those who don’t know, is a term used to describe decreased motivation in school among seniors.  It usually hits as the school year gets closer to the end.

Many seniors experience senioritis during semester two of the school year, although some seniors experience it in the first semester.

senioritis picture 2019
“Senioritis” a condition graduating Mustangs urged to resist.

Senior Hayes DuJardin states, “It’s only October and I would sadly have to admit that I already have senioritis. I try to stay organized and focused everyday so that it does not affect my grades. Advice that I would give to seniors to avoid senioritis is to just push through every day and end the senior year on a good note.”

Signs of senioritis include missing a lot of school days, not turning in assignments, not studying for tests, and not participating or trying during classes.

According to LRHS English teacher Jacob Garfield, “Every year, I notice senioritis, it’s something that most seniors go through. I just try to remind them to stay on the right path and not fall behind in classes.”

Senior Olivia Loop states, “As a senior that does not currently have senioritis, advice that would give to either avoid senioritis or get rid of it, would be to remember that it is your last year of high school and next year we all start college. Seniors should be challenging themselves to get the best grades they are capable of, in order to prepare for college.”

Senior year is the last year to attend football games, prom, homecoming,, etc. and it’s the last year to get good grades and make memories.

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