LRHS aims to be 5-Star school


Lucas Scott – Mustangs Ahead

5 star school logo(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – This school year, LRHS is reaching to achieve a Five-Star school award.

The Five-Star School Award is given to between 10 and 15 schools every year and requires incredible connections between a school and its community.

The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) called the award, “Evidence of exemplary community involvement.”

The FDOE also stated that schools aiming for the award must have achieve 100% of the established criteria.

The first of the five criteria’s’ is the existence of community/business partnerships, an effort which allows students to benefit their community while learning.

The second criteria is to focus on family involvement to ensure that families are better prepared to help with education or to better understand it.

The third criteria is for the school to focus on volunteering; for LRHS this means the encouragement of staff taking volunteer training and allowing them to help with events such as the recent Homecoming and Lakewood’s got Talent.

The fourth requirement is student community service. LRHS tackles this with the many volunteer groups such as Lakewood Leaders and LRHS’s Key Club that give students a way to volunteer in their community.

The final requirement is for the school to have a School Advisory Council to help the community give input on the direction of the school.

Florida’s Department of Education recognizes the difficulty of this criteria in its guidelines and called it a “difficult and time-consuming task.”

Despite this, LRHS has made the Five-Star School Award it’s ambition. With help from the Mustangs it can be eligible for the award this school year.

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