cheerleaders at homecoming 2019
LRHS cheerleaders show homecoming spirit at Friday’s Mustang victory.

Charlize Ucciferri – Mustangs Ahead

 (LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – At halftime of Last Friday’s LRHS homecoming victory, court winners were announced.

The 2019 senior Homecoming king is Thomas Patten, and queen is Brooke Martin. Patten said he would like to thank everyone from the bottom of his heart that voted for him and had so much fun conducting the band with the LRHS fight song after he was announced.

Other nominees in the senior class include Stephanie Carroll, Peyton Yancey, Evell Davis, and Carter Chapin.

The 2019 freshman Homecoming prince is Chad Anderson, and the 2019 freshman Homecoming princess is Mallory Martin. Anderson stated, “I was glad to have won prince my freshman year and am thankful to everyone that voted for me.”

Other freshman nominees include Andrea Dietz, Amanda Lee, Angelina Frazzoni, Ben Locke, and Franciso Espinoza.

The 2019 sophomore Homecoming prince is Vincent Redden. Redden stated, “Even though I was the only sophomore boy running, I am still grateful that I took the chance to run.”

The 2019 sophomore Homecoming princess is Alyssa Ucciferri. Ucciferri said she was surprised she had won against her strong competitors and is glad to take home the title.

Sophomore Homecoming nominees were Kaley Hammock, Josie Epps, and Madi Kidgell who later dropped out of the running.

Junior Henry Robinson won prince with junior Taylor Young. Young stated she was, “Super excited to win her junior year and was happy to have won with her running partner.”

Juniors Maya Wellard, Emily Ridenour, Joey Riley, Josiah Lozada, and Treshawn Samuel were nominated to run for the title.

In the senior class, senior Christian Shaneyfelt won prince, and senior Brooke Roberts won princess. Roberts said, “I was doubting myself before the winners were announced, but once my name was called, I was ecstatic.”

The Mustangs had a convincing 37 – 0 win against the Tampa Bay Christian Rams. Junior and varsity football player Nolan Carpenter stated, “The Mustangs played a great game on Friday and we are glad to have such an amazing support system cheering us on.”

On Saturday, the Homecoming dance took place in the LRHS gymnasium.

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