Managing time a key to success for busy Mustangs


Gage Gongas – Mustangs Ahead

features icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Time management is a key part of being successful in high school.

It is especially important for students who are athletes, have a job, or are a part of extra-curricular activities.  They have to balance your grades social life, work, etc.

“Giving it your all in your sport and trying to maintain good grades and do your homework can cause many sleepless nights,” said LRHS junior Gavin Laielli.

However, there are ways to manage and make the most of the day.

Before the school year starts students should think about their  schedules and pick classes accordingly to how much time their sports or jobs may take up.

Another thing that can help is to take advantage of down-time. For example, use time spent on the bus and riding in the car to study and do homework.

Junior Dallas Rodriguez said, “I do my homework on the bus ride home so when I get home, I have time to go to the gym and go to my job.”

Cheerleader junior Emily Ridenour said, “I prioritize my homework, so I do the important things first and least important last.”

Finally, students must be sure to prioritize tasks and not to procrastinate; this is where many struggle the most. Some students tend to wait until the very last second and either don’t not do it or do not put their full effort into it.

Junior Josiah Losada said, “The hardest part for me is not procrastinating and waiting last second. If I wait last second, then whatever I am trying to complete is not my best work.”

Time management will be important your whole life, the faster you learn it the better.

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