New dean sets out to make a mark at LRHS


Emily Brandt ‑ Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – This year LRHS welcomed discipline dean Debora Shannon into the Mustang family. Shannon came to LRHS to be part of a top performing school.

“Everyone is happy, positive, encouraging, and willing to help others.  It feels like family here,” Shannon exclaimed after her second week here at the ranch.

Shannon was born in Bradenton, Florida, but soon after moved as a child to

doc shannon
New LRHS discipline dean Dr. Shannon is settling in on campus.

Spartanburg, South Carolina, where she was raised. She didn’t stay away long though; Shannon returned to the Manatee County area to start her teaching career.

Since becoming part of the education system in August of 1981, Shannon has taught students from second to twelfth grades; this year is the first time she will be taking on the position of dean.

Shannon stated she wanted to be a dean to “experience another level of administration and be able to impact students’ lives simultaneously through another venue.”

There are good and bad parts to the dean position.  Shannon explains that while she loves interacting with various types of personalities and learning while working, she does not enjoy seeing the disrespect some classmates show their peers and themselves.

One thing Shannon wants students to know is she very approachable and concerned with everyone’s welfare even when she must give consequences for infractions.

Overall Shannon is loving her new job at LRHS and feels like it is a dream come true, “I am ‘dreaming the life.’ So, do not wake me up!”

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