September 2001 still shakes Mustangs


 Julia Hatton – Mustangs Ahead

features icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Sept. 11, 2001 was a terrifying day and will always leave a mark in American history. Teachers and staff at LRHS still look back on this day and remember what they were doing during this terrible event.

Student Services secretary Maria Alesi remembers this time vividly.

“I lived in Long Island, NY and had taken the day off because I stayed up late watching the New York Giants game. At the time, I worked for a bank, and my husband was a Plaza Hotel accountant,” said Alesi.

“I was having coffee with my husband, and we were about to go on a train ride to New York City to tour the city. My phone rang, and my mom called and asked where my husband was, and I said I was with him, and I asked her why she asked.”

Her mother informed her that there was a plane crash in one of the twin towers. Terrified for her life, she turned on the news and saw what was happening.

“I even remember hearing the second plane fly right over my house, I was so shocked, and thought our country was under attack,” said Alesi.

Teacher aide Theresa Orleanski remembers exactly what she was doing.

“I was at home with my two-year-old daughter, and I was notified that my two kids in elementary school, at the time, were in a lockdown drill,” she said.

Orleanski noted how scared she was, and how she had no clue if her kids were safe.

“I had no idea what was happening, I was scared for my children’s lives.”

She then stated that the school called her and told her she could pick up her kids if she would like.

“I remember turning on the news and seeing what happened in New York that day and I was terrified,” said Orleanski. “I thought our country was in great danger.”

9/11 made a major impact on American society and our nation’s history.

“The terrorist attack on 9/11 changed how society functions today,” said Alesi. “We all as a nation experienced this terrifying day together, and how to pick ourselves back up.”

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