Wallin takes on graduate school to expand classroom experience

Wallin teaching 2019
LRHS social studies teacher William Wallin balances his students’ education efforts with his own.

Meghan Llamas and William Flood – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As new students start to settle into their new schedules, it can be easy to forget their teachers have interesting backgrounds.

LRHS world history teacher William Wallin brings an unusual perspective to his class with his background in international relations.

Wallin has been a teacher at LRHS for eight years, and teaches regular, honors, and AP World History.

But why history if he has a background in international relations?

Wallin argues that history is extremely important because it shows red flags that can help predict future global conflicts.

“I try to incorporate how the system works and what the apparent issues into my classes as the students I teach will be these living with those problems,” said Wallin.

Teaching three different level classes may seem like a lot, but Wallin is also studying to earn his master’s in international relations through American Military University (AMU), a correspondent online school.

Wallin graduated from University of South Florida (USF) in 2011 with a bachelors degree in history.  He still has two more years until he graduates from AMU.

Recalling his experiences and classmates from AMU, he explains just how many opportunities and experiences the school has presented him.

“You get to collaborate with people that you’d generally not meet. It gives you a better understanding of modern-day politics, like international organizations,” said Wallin.

As far as moving forward with degrees in both history and international relations, Wallin explains that the possibilities are endless.

“I can go into like the private sector with corporate analysis, making predictions, like working with companies that work overseas,” he said.  “I could probably work in the state department as a foreign service officer if I really wanted to.”

With all these opportunities, Wallin’s in no hurry to leave the teaching profession.  Not only does it run in his family, he enjoys building long-lasting relationships.

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