Etiquette the key to parking success

parking lot 2019
Parking spots are a valued commodity at LRHS.

Joey Cotton – Mustangs Ahead

(Lakewood Ranch, FL)- Hundreds of Mustangs now have their designated parking spots.  Along with this privilege come a few rules and guidelines.

Parking in the right spot is one of the most important to remember. Although finding the right spot can seem difficult at first, a white number is painted in front of each spot. The printed numbers match the last 3 digits of each corresponding parking pass.

It is recommended that Mustangs arrive early to find their spots and not have anyone else take them.

Along with correctly parking in the same spot, proper driver’s etiquette should always be practiced upon entering and exiting school. Reckless driving could lead to immediate invalidation of parking privileges for the year.

“Drive as if you have your driving instructor next to you,” said LRHS assistant principle Michael Staker.

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