Mustang Q & A – Athletic director Kent Ringquist

Daniel Hernandez – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH,FL) – LRHS athletics strive for a high level and many of the school’s athletes excel year after year.

Every athletic program needs a director to lead them to success. LRHS athletic director Kent Ringquist hopes he can achieve just that by supporting athletes on and off the field.

Mustangs Ahead (MA): How big of a responsibility is it to be the LRHS director?

kent ringquist
LRHS athletic director Kent Ringquist oversees the school’s many athletic commitments.

Kent Ringquist (KR): It’s a big responsibility because you’re responsible for the athletics and coaches and most importantly, the safety of the athletes. I am also responsible for a lot of the athletes’ paperwork and I am the voice of our athletics.

MA: Why do you think our sports have been so successful throughout the years?

Kent Ringquist (KR): A lot of it has to do with our coaches because they get the best out of our athletes. We also have a lot of good athletes. I also feel that if an athlete performs well in a classroom they will also perform on the field.

MA: How do you think our sports teams will do this year?

Kent Ringquist (KR): I think we’re going to see some of the same success we’ve seen these past years. Many teams will go to playoffs and go on to win titles.

MA: Have there been any tough and frustrating times as an athletic director?

Kent Ringquist (KR): Sometimes as an athletic director you have to depend on other schools and of course it gets frustrating sometimes when you’re trying to get things done and organized.

MA: How big do you think our athletic department will grow in the future considering the amount of good athletes and teams we have year after year?

Kent Ringquist (KR): The last couple years we added three different teams which are flag football, and boys’ and girls’ lacrosse. As far as kids competing in athletics, I hope we maintain the amount we have now.

MA: What has been a memorable moment you’ve had as an athletic director here at LRHS?

Kent Ringquist (KR): For me, it’s just been watching each sport and athlete competing and how much they appreciate seeing the staff out there watching them perform.

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