Senior Mustangs taking annual pictures

John Osborne – Mustangs Ahead

Seniors icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Senior pictures are some of the most exciting photos to take in high school.

For LRHS seniors to take their senior photos they must first fill out a form for Cady Studios and pay a small fee.

There is not a dress code for the pictures but it is recommended that seniors dress well for their scenic photos.

Sessions are about 20-30 minutes long.  Some seniors said that they appreciated Cady Studios for  not making them feel rushed..

Senior Sarah Huston said, “These senior pictures are going to be a lot nicer than the ones from previous years, so I am more excited for these.”

Senior Allysan Decker said, “I honestly don’t care a lot about pictures, but these are the last ones we’re ever going to be taking, which makes them more unique.”

Senior Tj Patton said, “They definitely mean a little something more, especially the cap and gown photos. It’s kind of like marking the end of the road, marking the last chapter in the book; it makes you almost think, wow it’s really over.”

Senior Zak Kundrat said, “I feel like these mean more because it’s my last year of high school and when I look back at these pictures in the future I feel like your senior photos will be the most important and the most meaningful, showing that it’s like the final step.”

Senior Porter Santas said, “To be completely honest I didn’t really want to take them, I feel it’s more or less just something my parents will loom at a couple times and never see them again.”

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