School upgrades improve campus safety


Marissa Briggs – Mustangs Ahead

NEWS(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Safety has become an important issue in the news and in schools over the past few years. To meet these concerns LRHS has taken new measures this year to increase school safety.

Assistant principal Michael Staker said, “One of the major changes was having one entry to the school. We’ve also implemented the corners in the rooms for students to go to if there is a lockdown, the locked doors policy, and increased security on our campus with our guardian, resource officer, and deans.”

The school has other updates to increase safety of staff and students and decrease the probability of an intruder entering campus. This includes teachers being prohibited from parking near the portables behind school, LRHS has a Threat Assessment Team that meets every month to discuss safety and security for the school, students joining the club Students for Safety, and the introduction of more lockdown drills this year.

“In the past, lockdowns weren’t as clear and defined as what steps should be taken, but now we closely measure the expectations for these drills. By practicing monthly lockdown drills, the more ingrained in you it becomes, so students would be more prepared no matter where they are on campus if something were to happen,” explained Staker.

In addition to the increased number of lockdowns, the single entry is one of the most prominent changes and makes it easier for staff to make sure students and staff of LRHS are the only ones entering the building.

Staker stresses the importance of the single-entry way, saying it “Gives [LRHS staff] an opportunity to see all the kids and get a feel for the crowd as they enter the school. With having the general added security, it gives us a chance to take measures in an organized manner to prevent what could be a dangerous situation. The single point of entry helps us ensure that all students have a LRHS ID and everyone that enters the campus, should be here.”

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