New Mustang adjusts to big senior year changes

Hayes DuJardin – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The 2019-2020 school year has a lot in store for LRHS seniors. The upcoming graduation and subsequent transition to the real world can be a source of both major excitement and major anxiety. However, this is eased by the ability to confide in their friends here on campus.

jersey kid
LRHS senior Gabriel Araujo in the recording studio.

Imagine for a moment, though, going through the same situation after the unease of moving across the country. This is the case for LRHS senior Gabriel Araujo, who recently moved to Lakewood Ranch from Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Araujo explained the move, “Honestly my parents just prefer the weather down here, as well as the economy for work.”

He left Elizabeth on July 31, beginning the 48-hour drive to his new home, arriving on Aug. 2, only a week before he would begin the final year of his high school career.

“Lakewood is a lot bigger than my old school, it just has a lot more kids,” he said.  “The education definitely seems better here just because there’s so many more choices of what I can choose to learn.”

Araujo also reflected on the differences between what classes are required for graduation and how it leads to him essentially retaking the same classes under different names.

While this can be a scary situation to imagine, Araujo has no stress about it. His plans after graduation, he says, are to move back to New Jersey and continue on the path he was on before the big move.

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