Football cancellations affect more than players

2019 lrhs cheerleaders
The 2019 LRHS cheerleaders.

Charlize Ucciferri – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As many people now know, the varsity Mustangs’ Friday football game was cancelled (due to schedule conflict), as was last week’s (due to weather).

Everyone has heard how the football players feel about not having a game for two weeks, but what about the cheerleaders?

The LRHS varsity cheerleading team is just as disappointed about not having a game as the football team. The coach Kiana Kowalewski said,  “I’m bummed about it and the team is eager to start the football season.”

“We were very excited to show our school spirit and have a great time,” said junior and co-captain of the LRHS varsity cheerleading team Madison Kahler.

The cheerleading team practices for the football games twice a week, every week. At practice, the cheerleaders practice their cheers and band dances to be sure they look perfect for the game.

“Last practice, we practiced doing the cheers in groups to make sure they looked good,” said Alyssa Ucciferri, sophomore and LRHS varsity cheerleader.

On top of practicing their cheers and band dances, they also worked on pre-game performance. Pre-game performance is when the cheerleaders go on the field along with the LRHS band, color guard, and Sliver Stars and entertain the crowd while the football team is making their way towards the field.

“Our pre-game performance took a lot of practice time at practices. Not having a game to perform it at was very disappointing to the team and I,” said senior and captain of the LRHS varsity cheerleading team Briana Pierson.

The next football game is against Lemon Bay, and the cheerleading team is excited to cheer for both the football players and the school. Kahler said, “Even though we didn’t have a game the past two weeks, it has just grown out anticipation for the next games.”

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