New physics teacher brings NASA experience to LRHS

Emily Hall– Mustangs Ahead

(Lakewood Ranch, FL) – New LRHS physics teacher Daniel Goodman is an experienced non-particle physicist who has had a career history with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Daniel Goodman physics
New physics teacher Daniel Goodman started at NASA at age 19.

Throughout his life, Goodman has had multiple impressive careers including working for NASA on the Saturn V rocket and Apollo moon landing programs, participation in the oil and gas industry, and weapons development.

At the age of 19 Goodman started working for NASA “asking questions, searching for solutions, and testing theories,” as he put it. This included developing the control systems for Saturn V and Apollo.

He spent the first half of his time working at the Marshall Space Flight Center and the second half at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas where he was the Data Center Director, responsible for every computer at JSC.

Despite his careers, Goodman said that he did not even realize that he was going to major in Physics until after he had started working for NASA. His college studies at the University of Alabama and full-time work with NASA both occurred at the same time.

“My reasons for choosing Physics in the first place connects to the work I was doing with NASA at that time,” Goodman explained. “I found it irresistible when I discovered physics is the base and foundation of everything.”

Before teaching Goodman worked as a consultant but found that he did not enjoy it. He started teaching when his wife pointed out how much he enjoyed teaching as a flight instructor and teaching people how to use different machinery.

“I figured it couldn’t be less fun than what I was doing at the time, so I did what was required to get certified by Florida to teach. Now I have a party every day,” said Goodman.

When his previous school, Sarasota Military Academy, announced they no longer offering physics and computer science, he decided to move to LRHS.

He noted that there are considerably more students at LRHS and he is still transitioning from the non-military culture but so far, he is impressed.

Overall, Goodman has said that the most important thing that physics has taught him is, “that no one should ever be intimated by not knowing something and curiosity combined with persistence is a powerful combination.”

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