West sees promise in Mustang football

Daniel Hernandez-Mustangs Ahead

rashad west
Rashad West is LRHS’s new head football coach.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH,FL) – The new LRHS football season is right around the corner and Mustangs are curious to see how the team will do this season. Brand new head football coach Rashad West is looking forward to his first season with LRHS and has some feedback on how the team has been preparing for this upcoming season.

Mustangs Ahead (MA): How have you guys been training for this upcoming season?

Rashad West (RW): We spent all summer working out at 7:00 a.m. Monday-Thursday daily in preparations for this upcoming season.

MA: After going 0-10 last season I’m pretty sure the players’ confidence was low at the time. Since your first day do you believe the player have been confident and mentally and physically prepared for this upcoming season?

RW: I can’t really speak on where their confidence level was last season as I wasn’t here. With that being said, I think the guys feel confident about what we’re about to do this season.

MA: As our new varsity head coach, what potential do you see in this team?

RW: I think we have the potential to do something rather quickly here. I think we can do some unexpected things as a team coming off an 0-10 season.

MA: What do you expect from our season opener this Friday?

RW: I’m not quite sure. The weather has taken a toll on us during fall camp. I wish we had the chance to get more live full speed reps, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. As much as I believe in our players, we still need all of the practice reps that we can get.

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MA: Since you were previously at Southeast High School what do you see differently between both football teams?

RW: Wow, well these two situations are totally different. We were fortunate to do good things here, but at this point it’s not fair to compare the two situations. I’d like to focus more on the similarities to be honest. Both are situations where you had players really hungry for success, but not quite sure what it takes exactly to gain the measure of success they’re looking for.

MA: What are your main goals for this season?

RW: To make strides daily, weekly. We have some internal goals we’ll set for ourselves as a program, but we’ll like to keep those in house.

MA: What has been an iconic moment for you as a high school coach?

RW:  I’m not sure if I have one, but I will say it never gets old seeing former players have success in their lives.

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