Summer means season of songs

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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As summer grows closer and closer, people are likely beginning to prepare their summer playlists. Be it sitting on the beach, grilling out with friends, or riding around with the windows down, summer is a time for music. Certain songs just carry more of a summer vibe than others. Mustangs Ahead asked students around the Ranch what song makes them think of summer.  Here are a few of the answers –

“Almeda” by Solange ft. Playboi Carti: Almeda, the ninth track on Solange’s sophomore album, “When I Get Home” is a song intended as an ode to the town she came from, Houston, as well as an ode to black empowerment. This song has an upbeat drum pattern, uplifting chords, as well as the kind of energy people have come to expect from Playboi Carti. Junior James Muratore said, “This song is just perfect to listen to in the car with the windows down.”

“The Worst Ones” by Childish Gambino ft. Chance the Rapper: This is the fifth track off Gambino’s second album “Because the Internet” and there is nothing about this song that doesn’t scream “summer.” The relaxed keyboard loop, the uplifting lyrics and delivery, and the infectious hook that is guaranteed to have you saying “All she needed was some” for weeks after. There is no better place or time for this song than on the beach in July. In my opinion as a musician, the more upbeat drum pattern as well as the accompanying visuals which are set on the beach as the two artists and friends go surfing, establish this as a bonafide summer song.

“Sweet Talk” by Saint Motel: This song, off Saint Motel’s 2016 album “saintmotelevision”, is, for lack of a better word, addicting. The simple piano loop, the brass-backed refrains, and the powerful vocals of singer AJ Jackson all make a song which just carry the sound of a party. There is no better song on this list than this one for playing at a cookout with family and friends. “The upbeat tune initially caught my interest, and even though I found it in January of this year, I found it while on the beach,” explained junior Camie Willis.

“Feels Like Summer” by Vince Staples featuring Ty Dolla $ign: This one is a given. From the title to the theme, there is no denying this being a summer song. It features exactly what someone expects from Vince Staples, straightforward bars about where he was raised and the conditions he grew up in, followed by an entrancing hook from a master of hooks, Ty Dolla $ign, who simply sings about summertime and what it comes with. According to junior Chris Georgas, “It just has a nice pop-ish vibe and sounds really smooth and bright. Obviously, that along with the title and the theme just give me that vibe.”

While there are assuredly thousands more songs perfect to soundtrack your summer vacation, these are just a few chosen by students around the Ranch.

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