Mustang playwrights will see work on pro stages

fst award mustangs
Mustang writers Paige Alter (l) and Sarah Heller were recognized by Florida Studio Theater.

Nicolette Ngov – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Two LRHS students were honored at this month’s Young Playwrights Festival at Sarasota’s Florida Studio Theatre. Freshman Paige Alter and junior Sarah Heller’s original plays were chosen out of over 6000 international submissions.

Their plays will be directed, performed and toured by theatre professionals as a part of the Write-A-Play program. Write-A-Play is a year-round arts integration program that blends professional work with theatre experiences and in-class workshops.

LRHS drama teacher Roxanne Caravan said, “I’m glad that we were given the chance to have participated in this program as part of a grant opportunity this year”.

The Young Playwrights Festival celebrates students who show an understanding for the theatrical process involved in writing a play. Heller submitted her play through her creative writing class while Alter submitted hers through her theatre class.

Both girls took around three weeks to write and edit their plays before submitting their works to the festival. Alter explains that the hardest part about the process was her writer’s block.

“Writer’s block was definitely a big challenge for me,” she said. “Trying to find a good topic that I am passionate about took about one to two weeks, but after figuring out what I wanted to everything else came naturally”.

While Alter’s most challenging aspect was writer’s block, Heller explained that her biggest challenge was making sure what she was writing was meaningful and historical.

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