Mustang juniors’ success recognized with book awards


Olivia Loop -Mustangs Ahead

Juniors(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Colleges and universities in the United States honor top-tier students in high school by recognizing students who have academic success and are the top of their junior class. The College Book Award provides the next generation of leaders an opportunity to broader their perspectives by going to out-of-state schools.

The “Books Make a Difference” website said, “Each award recognizes a certain area of excellence and achievement, such as talent in music or the arts, academic success, political advocacy, or service in the community. While the ceremony and criteria for the award varies from school to school, the purpose of a College Book Award is essentially the same: to recognize distinguished youth, provide the next generation of emerging leaders an opportunity to develop a broader perspective of the world, and attract high-caliber students who are likely to succeed in the college’s programs”

LRHS college and career adviser Michelle Todoroff coordinates the program for Mustangs.

“These colleges were looking for students who are academically gifted and are mainly interested in attending an out-of-state college,” she said.

The following juniors  received the 2019 Jr. Book Awards –

Wellesley College: Manoela Dos Santos

Notre Dame: Brandon Gadeken

Cornell: Andrian Candocia

Harvard: Emma Bittar

Smith: Olivia Miller

Mt. Holyoke: Katherine Hartley

Yale: Declan Trevor

Clemson: Andrea McPherson

Anne Frank: Tayla Rosenthal

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