Mustangs offer solid advice for new freshmen


Corinne Kasten – Mustangs Ahead

Freshmen(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As the end of the school year approaches, incoming freshman are excited and eager to start high school.

Freshman Taylor Golden said, “One of my teachers explained to us that freshman year is the most important because we need to develop good study skills and set a good foundation to build our grades throughout the years.”

It can be nerve racking to come into a large school with a lot of new faces and higher expectations. Thankfully, older students have been in their spot and have some tips to help set them up for success.

Senior Josh Rossi agreed, “You should treat your freshman year like it’s as important as any other year because it is. Slacking off first thing can really make it hard to higher your GPA later.”

“Just be prepared to work hard,” said freshman Mckenna Schwarz. Schwarz also warned that friend groups will change and to join clubs or sports that interest you so you can make friends with people that have similar interests.

In addition, learning how to manage your time is the key to success in high school. Whether it’s a sports practice, homework, club activities, or a job, high school students are always busy. Time management can save you lots of stress and will help you excel in those areas.

Also, experienced Mustangs remind freshmen they will get schedules the first day of school in first period. Don’t freak out, they say, but instead look at your schedule and match the room numbers to the map before each class to help prevent you from getting lost.

Lastly, just have fun! Senior Brenna Rademaker said, “Enjoy your four years, because they truly do fly by fast. They are your last four years of your childhood… make them count.”

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