Mustang Q&A – Baseball coach Ryan Kennedy


Tammy Sinn-Movilla – Mustangs Ahead

baseball banner 2019
An LRHS banner celebrates the baseball team’s success.

The LRHS baseball team won its most recent district championship Saturday.  This is the Mustangs second consecutive district title, and the fifth in the school’s history.  Head baseball coach Ryan Kennedy has both played and coached the LRHS team and has a distinct perspective on its historical success.

Mustangs Ahead (MA) – How long have you been at LRHS in total?

Ryan Kennedy (RK) – I have been a head coach for seven years, one year as an assistant, and four as a student so 12 in total.

MA – What techniques have you used to build a strong program?

RK -I have applied heart, hard work and dedication, the goal is to go above and beyond.

MA -What achievements did you have as a player?

RK -While I was at LRHS I won the District title 2000, District title 2003, Regional title 2003, and State championship in 2003.

MA -How as your experience has a player transferred to coaching the team?

RK -Honestly, knowing how to win, not just playing the game to win.

MA -How has your perspective changed as you went from being a player to being a coach?

RK -It’s tough, you need to find a way to understand that you can no longer play and do the job for them, so you must rely on preparing them to be successful in each game.

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