LRHS graduates offer advice for college-bound seniors

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Julia Drymon – Mustangs Ahead 

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Graduation is right around the corner for Mustang seniors and most are headed to college in the upcoming months. Looking back on their own experiences, some former Mustangs and current college freshmen have some advice for the graduating seniors. 

Kailen Bender is finishing up her freshman year at Florida State University. One thing she noticed is that “there is nobody here to help me with things or tell me to go to class, so it’s a hard adjustment finding the responsibility and motivation it takes to succeed.” 

Another former Mustang, Cameron Myers is wrapping up his freshman year at the University of Florida. 

“I wish I knew how expensive every little thing is. Having a part time job in high school was good and I had some money saved from that, but before I knew it, it was gone,” he said. 

Leaving high school is a bittersweet experience but these college freshmen don’t miss it one bit. Bender said, “I don’t miss high school at all, but I do miss my mom’s cooking so much.” 

College provides a different experience regarding classwork.  

“The best thing about college is the flexibility with classes. I get to study the stuff I actually enjoy,” added Myers. 

Bender has had a great experience in college.  

“The best thing about college is having the independence even though it comes with responsibility. You grow so much and discover a lot about yourself and get to meet new people from different places.” 

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