Latin for “awesome”? Maybe it’s “Mustangs”


Nicolette Ngov – Mustangs Ahead

NEWS(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Last month 52 LRHS Latin students participated in the annual National Latin Exam.

According to the American Classical League, “This exam is designed to promote and support the teaching and learning of the Latin language, its literature and culture, and its lasting influence in the modern world”.

This year the exam tested 139,000 bright students and awarded them on their exceptional performance through medals and certificates. 38 out of the 52 LRHS students received awards, including 5 gold medals and fifteen silver medals.

Students who received awards from the National Latin Exam included:

Latin III

  • Alex Kittsmiller Gold summa cum laude
  • Amir Bakhouch Gold summa cum laude
  • Alize Cordero Gold summa cum laude
  • Quinn Mitchel Silver maxima cum laude
  • Kyle McCann Silver maxima cum laude
  • Cooper Zion Silver maxima cum laude
  • Cory Gonzalez Silver maxima cum laude
  • Hailey Bagshaw Magna cum laude
  • Eric Lovine Honorable mention


Latin II

  • Madison Facciolla Silver maxima cum laude
  • Camila Kassner Silver maxima cum laude
  • Grace Davis Silver maxima cum laude
  • Peter Fisichella Silver maxima cum laude
  • Kenneth Marschner Silver maxima cum laude
  • Joseph Giannone Magna cum laude
  • Julia Kuehn Magna cum laude
  • Johnathan Proctor Cum laude
  • Carly Baker Cum laude


Latin I

  • Jonathan Xavioer Gold summa cum laude
  • Anna Smith Gold summa cum laude
  • Matthew Salter Silver maxima cum laude
  • Andrew Legutko Silver maxima cum laude
  • Matthew Feldman Silver maxima cum laude
  • Julia Felice Silver maxima cum laude
  • Paige Willemsen Silver maxima cum laude
  • Jonathan Stasurak Silver maxima cum laude
  • Celine DeAngelo Magna cum laude
  • Eden Boback Magna cum laude
  • Shalanee Campbell Magna cum laude
  • Alexandra Soper Magna cum laude
  • Lindsey Mitchel Magna cum laude
  • Natalia Kassner Magna cum laude
  • Macy Walter Magna cum laude
  • Alexis Bruneman Magna cum laude
  • Dominic Cozzette Magna cum laude
  • Zachary Palmer Magna cum laude
  • Hannah Loegren Cum laude
  • Tyler Helm           Cum laude


Freshman Julia Felice, who took the exam for the first time this year said, “I was nervous for the exam, but I knew that if I studied and prepared hard enough, I would be ready for it. I’m really proud of myself for receiving silver maxima cum laude!”

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