“Adventures of a Comic Book Artist” a heroic production


Audrey Dixon – Special to Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Mustang Players are performing “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist.” The shop opened Wednesday and will run through this weekend.  Although running no more than an hour, it includes a rich and well performed storyline which was a pleasure to watch.

adventures of a comic book artist 2019
Cast member of LRHS’s production of “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist.”

The costumes were colorful and vibrant, and matched the characters’ personalities and powers. All the dialogue and lyrical lines were loud and clear, and the actors performed with an upbeat attitude.

The Narrator, Gypsy (junior Laura Vaccaro), excellently pushed the story along, and even stepped in when necessary. She spent the rest of her time sitting randomly among the audience, and even encouraged audience participation. The show is a must see and is guaranteed to leave the audience laughing.

The play is about Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz (played by senior Ty Dearing) who is a janitor at Wonder Comics, but would rather be a comic book artist himself.

In an effort to bring up comic sales, Mr Wunderman (played by junior JT Girman) uses the Powerful Pens from Pelopponesia, which will bring any superhero you draw to life. Unfortunately, the superhero he draws, Dr, Shock Clock (played by freshmen Paige Alter) turns out to be a super villain, accompanied by her sidekicks the Minutos (played by senior Rachael Davis and junior Liz Kinnard).

In an effort to impress Mr Winderman, Stanley mistakenly draws his own heroes with the pens, bringing the Fabulous Four – Starguy (junior Alex Kraus), Triple Time (sophomore Matthew Sidlo), Blossom (junior Gabby Macogay) and Wombat Woman (junior Cayla Hill) – to life. Stanley and the Fabulous Four must use their joint powers to defeat the masterful Dr Shock Clock and save New York City from mayhem.

Other characters include Gypsy (played by junior Laura Vaccaro), Viola (played by junior McKenna Agnew), and the comic book artists (played by senior Alex Rogalski, sophomore Jordan Cangro, and sophomore Paige Zolecki).

The Mustang Players are scheduled to bring “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist” to Scotland in July to perform at the International Fringe Festival.

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