LRHS junior adjusts to big school after small town

Olivia Loop – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL )- LRHS junior Caleb McNamara is finishing off his first year at the Ranch. McNamara moved here from Capitan, New Mexico in the fall and has found it difficult to transition into such a large school.

capitan new mexico student
LRHS junior Caleb McNamara is adjusting to a school larger than his hometown.

The entire town of Capitan has only 1,400 residents, while Bradenton has around 56,000 (over 800,000 in the metro area).  His former high school had around 150 students, whereas LRHS has around 2,400 students.

McNamara only went to school four days a week, and his school day was an hour longer than LRHS. The bell schedule Monday through Thursday was 7:55 a.m. to 4:05 p.m. Since McNamara had Friday off, he had eight classes a day.

In Capitan, McNamara’s lunch was 30 minutes and then he could go play basketball for 30 minutes. He was on the school’s basketball and football teams. McNamara played varsity football his freshman year and varsity basketball his freshman and sophomore years.

McNamara compared the weather between New Mexico and Florida, “The humidity in New Mexico is nonexistent, while Florida has a lot year-round. In the winter New Mexico is cold and dry and in the summer it rains a lot and the plants are very green.”

McNamara enjoyed hiking on the desert climate foothills of the Capitan, where he would admire the nature surrounding him.

McNamara moved to Florida to be closer to his grandparents. Even though he has more school days, he has grown to enjoy the more populated environment of LRHS.  McNamara said, “I like LRHS more than my old high school because at my old school there weren’t enough teachers and there are more AP classes to take here at LRHS.”

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