20 years of creatiity board
A display in the LRHS media center highlights 20 years of creativity at the school.

Morgan DeGlopper and Amanda Hamende – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- For the 20 years that LRHS has been open, the school has provided students with the opportunity to be engaged creatively as well as academically.  The LRHS fine arts department has expanded drastically since the school opened and more students than ever are able to pursue their passions.

LRHS art teacher Abby Kolesa has been working at LRHS for seven years and she stated, “[The evolution of] art is both objective and subjective. You make what you want out of art. It is everywhere and can be almost anything. Art is accessible on many levels and has many different forms and answers.”

LRHS theatre director Roxanne Caravan has been working at the school for 19 years and believes that the arts can help students in other areas of study.  Caravan stated, “It is a proven fact that students in Arts Education achieve on a higher-level including testing, math, science, English, and better team players in cooperative settings and completing tasks.”

LRHS chorus teacher Giselle Panagiotakis has seen great growth of the chorus department, “I have noticed (made) a change in the choir program, increasing from two choirs to five. There’s more involvement like field trips and competitions… I love how technology and current music is making its way into our programs. It’s important to learn and perform music in many different styles, genres and ways.”

To see pictures throughout the years and more interview questions with the fine arts department teachers, check out the display board in the LRHS media center.

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