Senioritis need not be a threat

Kaylee Eckelman- Mustangs Ahead

Seniors icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – With the start of the fourth quarter, “senioritis” may start to kick in for many seniors. For those who have experienced this phenomenon, it is all too real. For those who are yet to experience this, it may be right around the corner.

Senioritis, for many, is the feeling or lack of motivation that occurs during senior year. It is associated with being almost done with school.

“Senioritis makes going to school a little difficult because you’ve typically been accepted into a university and you know where you want to go,” Senior Alexa Brodsky said. “You just want to be there so bad, so it makes finishing high school a little harder”.

Through senioritis is an obstacle for many, there are ways to overcome it and power through senior year.

“My biggest tip is just to try and push through,” Brodsky said. “Just know that it’s your last year of high school and even though it’s the last year, it still matters and counts.”

With the strike of senioritis, it can sometimes be forgotten that senior year is a year of “lasts” for many as well as a year of milestones.

“It is last time you’ll ever experience something like this,” Brodsky said. “I think it’s important to still go to school and to try to enjoy it even though it can be hard sometimes.”

Senior Gabriel Silva has also experienced the effects of senioritis this year.

“Senioritis has affected me tremendously,” Silva said. “It’s hard being so close to graduation because I am ready to take the next step in my life.”

This can be especially true when students begin planning their future and thinking past high school.

Though senioritis may be a hard thing to overcome, it is important to remember that through certain tips, it is possible to overcome and succeed.

“The best advice I can give is just to stay focused and push through,” Silva said. “As long as you keep trying, you will succeed.”

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