LRHS teachers visit, volunteer in Africa

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Zian Mahfuz – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS teachers Faust and Candice Delazzer had a Spring Break memory different from most.  They travelled to Africa to volunteer at an elementary school.

The pair went to Tanzania on Wednesday, March 27 and returned on the 31.

When they first got there, the Delazzers toured the Kiboni School.

Candice  Delazzer said, “Public education is mandatory for the first seven grades.  The school had 750 students but very few teachers – one teacher had 150 students in his class and he taught seen subjects; English, Swahili (the native language), history, geography, math, science, government, and civics.”

Donations to the school included lined paper, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and notebooks. The alumni group from the University of Kansas that sponsored the trip brought a whole suitcase full of supplies.

On their trip, the Delazzers learned how important education was to the children who attend the school. Every day the students had to bring a stick of wood and a jug of water so the school could run and would have to walk five or more miles to school to be educated.

Other than volunteering at the school, the Delazzers also went on some adventures. They first visited the Serengeti National Park to see the great migration of wild beasts and zebras.

They also visited the Olduvia Gorge where anthropologists Richard Leakey and his wife discovered the earliest humanoid fossils. Finally, they went to Tarangeri National Park, which is known for its baboons and elephants.

Seeing the wild animals was Candice Delazzer’s favorite part of the trip.

“It was amazing, far better and more incredible than I could have ever hoped for,” she said. “It really made me appreciate all that we have as a modern country seeing how the people lived there lived with no running water, electricity, or education for most of them, especially the Maasai warrior people we saw throughout the country.”

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