Mustangs ready to elect student leaders

Emily Brandt – Mustang’s Ahead

NEWS(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS’s Student Government Association (SGA) has begun the election process to choose its officers for the 2019-20 school year.

There are several steps in this process. The first step is for each candidate to choose which officer position they want and a drop-down position. Choosing a drop-down position allows the candidates to have another opportunity to be an officer in case they don’t get their first choices.

After each candidate selects a position and drop-down, they write a speech and present it to the other members of SGA.

Once all candidates have presented their speeches, the SGA officers will vote on the candidate they feel is most deserving from what they observed over the school year and the speech they gave that day.

After the SGA officers vote, the other members will also vote for the person they think will be the best fit for each position. After all the members of SGA have voted, there will also be a schoolwide vote.

“Being in SGA has allowed me to feel more involved in school and decisions that take place. After seeing all that we have accomplished this school year, I realized I want to have a leadership role in this club, so I decided to run for an officer position,” said junior Tayla Rosenthal.

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