2018 cheerleaders
The 2018-19 LRHS cheerleaders are welcoming new members.

Maddie Forman – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS has announced its cheerleading team for 2019-20.

Cheerleading tryouts for next year’s varsity and junior varsity (JV) teams were held last week, March 11-14.  Cheerleaders who tried out were required to learn a new cheer and dance.

Sophomore Kalyssa Kuhling, who was named to the varsity squad, described her emotions before the tryouts.

“I was really nervous this year because incoming freshman were now able to make varsity, so there were limited spots available. This was my third year trying out, so I knew what was expected, but I didn’t know what kind of tumbling and skills everyone else was going to bring with them” she said.

Incoming freshman Hayley Pollard and Quinn Brown both made varsity their first year.

“At the first day of tryouts, I was worried about learning the dance and cheer because we only had four days to get it. I put in a lot of time to learning everything. I’m excited to see how the rest of this year and next year goes” Pollard said.

The 2019-2020 Varsity Cheerleading Team

  • Bri Pierson
  • Nadia Rodriguez
  • Lauren Buck
  • Gabby May
  • Hayden Springer
  • Kacy Bua
  • Anna Cucci
  • Ellie Bonnett
  • Taylor Ferber
  • Katelyn Wilhoit
  • Haylie Humphrey
  • Morgan Hoffman
  • Kylee Jacobs
  • Emily Ridenour
  • Maddy Kahler
  • Kaila Amato
  • Tamara Sinn
  • Emma Wilson
  • Kalyssa Kuhling
  • Brooke Gore
  • Ashlie Langlois
  • Charlize Ucciferri
  • Alyssa Ucciferri
  • Briley Vestal
  • Rian Hanson
  • Taylor Folkers
  • Cami Sablan
  • Quinn Brown
  • Hayley Pollard

The 2019-2020 JV Cheerleading Team

  • Josie Epps
  • Sophie Joslyn
  • Morgan Jendro
  • Skyla Alonso
  • Hailey Spiekerman
  • Kayla Morris
  • Julia Reed
  • Payton Moeller
  • Lexi Kahler
  • Lauren Krane
  • Eden Gibbs
  • Holliston Shepard
  • Rylie Jackson
  • Kelsey McLeod
  • Faith Braun
  • Talia Beltramae
  • Grace Tyson
  • Shayna Homan
  • Savannah Else
  • Tierney Thornhill
  • Anna Gongas
  • Madison Liles
  • Ella Suor
  • Sophia Colombo
  • Mira Smith
  • Jenna Barnhill
  • Sydney Rice
  • Summer Hughes
  • Kennedy Burnette

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