Juniors get ready to take senior roles

 Rachel Lamoureaux – Mustangs Ahead

Juniors(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- College is right around the corner and juniors need to start preparing. There are five main objectives juniors should do now to start preparing for the road ahead.

  1. Finish strong: LRHS school counselor Melissa Alter said that junior year grades are the most important in college admissions. Push yourself to get the best grades you can in your classes, it pays off.
  2. Choose challenging classes for your senior year: As you are selecting your classes, take challenging academic classes. “The rigor of your coursework is one of the key things that college admissions counselors will look at to judge how well you will fit in their institution,” added Alter.
  3. Get to know your counselor: Many colleges want to see a counselor recommendation letter and the recommendation letters that can speak personally about an applicant is always better than a generic letter listing off your accomplishments and extracurricular activities. Your school counselor will also be a great resource for questions about colleges and college admissions strategies.
  4. Continue preparing for the SAT and ACT: If colleges require the SAT or ACT, those test scores will play a big role in the college admissions decisions. In addition, many colleges use your test scores to determine financial aid. So, not only does a better score give you a boost in admissions odds, but it can pay off big time in the form of financial aid that could dramatically reduce your cost of college.
  5. Start planning your summer activities: Many students see summer as a time to relax and not think about college. While it is important to do some relaxing, it is also the perfect time to do things that could help with college admissions process.

Learn more about summer programs, internship opportunities, or volunteer work. Grades and test scores play a big part in the college admissions decision, but your activities could be the thing that can set your apart from the students with similar academic profiles.

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