Ranch reviews – Films are better when director controls

Jack Forman– Mustangs Ahead

reviews symbol (4)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Film can help define an era and bring value to ideas that cannot be expressed otherwise. One of the biggest issues with modern film is the corporate hands that sometimes cloud that creative control.

A good example of this issue is the DC-Marvel studio competition. Marvel seems to have the firmest grasp on the comic book audience and has a team of writers minimally beholden to their parent company. DC properties drown due to the multiple hands that make a “Frankenstein” product.

Giving your creator full creative control is rarely important to the grand studios that produce these high budget action movies. Renowned director Quintin Tarantino is a great example of someone who leads with vision. Tarantino has been known for his stubborn control over any project he works on.

This sense of ruthless control is great at establishing who he is as a creative and he gets what he wants which makes him definable.

Another example is Sam Raimi and his Spiderman trilogy. He was praised for the first two films of the trilogy as they were the first superhero movies to capture a large audience.

It wasn’t until the third film where Sony demanded more. Sony wanted to see multiple stories wrapped up and the introduction of others in a single film. Raimi was even quoted in saying he didn’t understand the direction of many of the characters.

Eventually, the third film was released and failed all expectations created by the previous films. The film felt corporate and most audiences didn’t feel it fit the bill of what they should expect from a Raimi Spiderman Film.

The creative direction of a movie is underrated in today’s society. Music seems to be based on brand instead of individual pieces. This may be good for the music industry but gives the audience poor work.

This same philosophy can be applied to Hollywood with directors. The most important part to an artist is vision, and the world has too often gone blind with greed and thirst for new franchises.

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