Ranch reflections – Senior relieved to settle on a pathway


Rachel Latka – Mustangs Ahead

Reflections icon (2)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- College planning was very stressful for me, especially because I didn’t know what school I wanted to go to or what I wanted to major in. There is so much pressure when making these decisions, but I think I finally figured it out, and you can, too!

There are thousands of majors to choose from, and each school’s program will vary. I have recently been accepted to the State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota (SCF).

Now that I have been accepted to SCF, I can finally start working on my future and what career path I want to take.

I am interested in majoring in law or criminal justice. SCF has a great criminal justice program as well as a forensics program that can teach me a lot.

I am very excited to start learning at SCF and I believe choosing a major based on  my interests will lead to rewarding work.

Even if you are entering a university, most schools and their advisors recommend that you wait before declaring a major, so don’t stress.

If you are researching your major in advance, you can ask your LRHS school counselor or a college academic adviser to guide you with the process. Your friends and family can also be a source of great inspiration and ideas.

Even if you have chosen your major and then decide it’s not for you, don’t worry, you’re allowed to change your mind. But no matter when you choose your major and how often you switch it, be sure you are comfortable with it and it’s something you can see yourself doing with your life.

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