Severs one Mustang who finds unconventional route to success

Shea Murphy – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS swimmer junior Cameron Severs, junior, proves a student doesn’t need to be on campus to be a full-time Mustang.

Severs is on the LRHS swim team, however he does not attend classes on the LRHS campus. He is home-schooled by his mom and has been since the third grade when he moved from Tampa to Bradenton.

swim team wins
Severs and teammates celebrate success.

Severs had previously gone to private school but when they moved his mom wanted to try something new and they have stuck with it since.

Not only does Severs swim on the LRHS team, but he also swims on the Lakewood Ranch Swim Association (LRSA) club swimming team. He swims two hours a day five days a week along with school swimming after school and competitions on the weekends.

Severs is in all advanced classes and participates in 4H and other activities. He said that it is not hard to make friends, he just meets them in different ways than most people.

Severs is planning on attending Le Tourneau University, a private university in Texas, in the year 2020.

Through homeschooling Severs said he has a firmer grasp of time management than he otherwise would have if he attended public high-school.

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