Which quarter is hardest? Mustangs don’t agree

Peter Fisichella – Mustangs Ahead

Academics(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As all Mustangs know, the school year is divided into four quarters. Each quarter can feel like a new adventure and is different from the last.

Students have different opinions of which quarter of the school year is hardest. Some think that the beginning of the year is much harder because of the rough patches and adjustment period, while others don’t like the rigorous work that goes into the end of the year.

Sophomore Ruhi Amin thinks third quarter is toughest because of the workload.

“It was mainly because many teachers and courses in general are trying to wrap up topics and prepare students for exams coming up soon which results in a lot of work and assignments. This quarter is also the hardest because all the work and tests affect grades a lot and make them go up or down significantly,” said Amin.

Sophomore Alexa Bland agreed that third quarter was the hardest because of the break that comes before it.

“I think third quarter is the hardest because we just get back from winter break and it’s usually when people are just kind of done with school and they start slacking off,” added Bland.

Some students said that the beginning of the year was where they struggled the most. Sophomore Gianna Hagopian said, “Second quarter is definitely the hardest because you’re finally getting adjusted to your classes and then you have the stress of testing.”

Sophomore Cole Nash felt the beginning of the year was hardest.

“First quarter is the hardest quarter because students are still getting used to school and students are still adjusting to their classes.”

Each quarter has its own challenges and the hardest quarter fully depends on the individual.

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