College chosen…now how about that roommate?

Julia Drymon – Mustangs Ahead

Seniors icon(LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fl)- Now that most of this year’s college decisions have been released, acceptance stress and worry have subsided, but a new problem has arrived. Who are you going to room with?

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Most upcoming college freshman choose to or are forced to live on campus their first year. College dorms are a rite of passage, but with the new living space comes a new living partner.

Some Mustang seniors are worried about who will be their roommate.

Senior Valerie Logrande is hoping for “someone really neat and goes to sleep at the same time as me.” She is also worried about rooming with a stranger, “I’m scared we won’t get along and it wouldn’t be a fun situation.”

Others have requested to room with their friends instead of a stranger. This may seem like a great plan because you already know you get along; however, things can turn south.

“I am worried living in such a small place together might change things and we will find we actually don’t get along so well,” said senior Lucas Naranjo about rooming with his best friend.

Living with another person is a big change. With this change comes a lot more responsibility, including cleaning, laundry, cooking, and studying all on your own.

Senior Ava Vandroff is excited for this change, “I am very excited to be independent and living on my own with my friends.”

Having roommates can teach young people how to be mindful and take responsibility.

These skills will help people succeed later in life with all kinds of people, and can lead to some fun times and tons of great stories to tell.

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