LRHS administrators issue rules reminders

Jenelle Bayor – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- During this time of the school year, policies start getting enforced more strictly. Following the LRHS dress-code and wearing an ID are two of the most important rules.

LRHS assistant principal Michael Staker has been reminding the students that the dress code and ID policies still apply during this time of the year.

LRHS assistant principal Michael Staker reminds Mustangs about school rules.

“Wearing an ID is a safety measure we put into effect four years ago,” Staker said.  “The purpose of the policy is to help us quickly identify students so we know those that are on campus are LRHS students.”

The policy is being so strictly enforced recently because “it is an important part of school safety. Each year as we approach the three-quarter mark, we remind students via announcements to wear IDs, dress code, etc.,” according to Staker.

Dress code is also one of the most important rules to follow. “Dress code policy is also reminded at the three-quarter mark, with warmer weather approaching,” added Staker.

Following these rules offer benefits. Staker stated, “Rules and policies are designed to promote a safe learning environment for all students. By following the rules, we are all doing our part to make LRHS the best it can be!”

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