Some students prefer classtime to screentime

Olivia Loop – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Most high school students’ class schedules are on campus with teachers. However, some choose to take one or two classes online through Florida Virtual School (FLVS).

Online classes, however, are not for everyone; time management is necessary and being able to teach yourself the material are essential for success.

Junior Chris Georgas said, “I feel like taking your classes in school helps you work harder. Doing work online at home, there’s a tendency to procrastinate since there isn’t anyone pushing you to do your work. In school, however, your teachers are there to motivate you. I think classes like physics are much better to take with somebody available to explain foreign concepts to you in person.”

Junior Rachel Lamoureaux shared, “Doing a core class online is not easy. You must be committed and must be good at managing your time because it is easy to fall behind. It can be especially hard trying to comprehend new content without an instructor teaching you every day.”

Sophomore Ella Grogan really enjoys taking online classes, but she prefers taking classes on campus. She commented, “You get more of a hands-on experience.”

Junior Hayes DuJardin said, “If I took online classes I wouldn’t trust myself not to slack

hayes studying in class
LRHS junior Hayes DuJardin hits the books.

off and get behind. School makes sure I am engaged. Also, having a teacher available helps me understand concepts I may not understand on my own.”

Junior Peter Santas stressed, ”There is almost no motivation for us to do work it’s all, for the most part, independent and for some reason if we miss a deadline we get the boot.”

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