LRHS Mini-Mustangs face…believe it or not…tests!

Jillian Herbst and Gaby Rosabal – Mustangs Ahead

mini mustangs 2014

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS, just like most other high schools, administers state tests designed to measure student understanding of class material. All LRHS students are expected to take such tests, even the Mini-Mustangs.

The Mini-Mustang is the LRHS pre-K program for four- and five-year-olds. Even though they are so young, they too must take tests to see where they are compared to state wide expectations.

These tests are designed to measure where each child is on his or her development and to make sure they are all ready for Kindergarten. The tests are similar to high school tests that determine whether students are ready for the next grade level.

The state test is distributed to the Mini-Mustangs in three parts, they are currently on the second part. Just like high schoolers, some Mini-Mustangs find their tests challenging.

Mini-Mustang teacher Catherine Schutte said, “The Mini-Mustangs mostly struggle with upper- and lower-case recognition and letter and name sound.”

Students across LRHS, no matter how young or old,  take these state-wide tests. School officials say they should be taken seriously so students know where they need to improve and their strong subjects.

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