Dahlquist serves first full day as LRHS Principal

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New LRHS Principal Dustin Dahlquist addresses students on his first day

Nicolette Ngov – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Tuesday was new Principal Dustin Dahlquist’s first official day at LRHS. After a few weeks of learning the ropes, he started off his first day with a bright, orange tie and an even brighter mood.

“It’s been great, there has been a lot of different things coming at me, so I haven’t been able to come into the number of classes I want to but overall it’s been a nice day,” he said.

Dahlquist began his career as a science teacher at Southeast High School then moved to Palmetto High School where he also coached the boys soccer team, became the athletic director, and eventually assistant principal. After his time at Palmetto, he transferred to Buffalo Creek Middle School where he became the principal.

Dahlquist said, “Although I loved working at Buffalo Creek Middle School, deep down I’m a high school administrator, teacher, and coach. The opportunity to come to LRHS is something that alluded me 20 years ago when LRHS first opened, but now for me it’s come full circle. I am now a part of something my friends and mentors have been able to be a part of and I am truly blessed.”

Dahlquist’s goals for his first day was to meet students, whether it be in classrooms or the lunch room.

Dahlquist said, “I want the students to know that I am here for them, I truly care about their educations and the opportunities presented to them not only here but their lives after high school.”

Dahlquist also commended Mustangs for their academic and extracurricular successes.

“There’s so many different stories of success through competitions and sports,” he said. “It shows me that everything is run so well here, and the students really take pride in what they do.”

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