Ranch reflection – Internship value not measured in pay

Ranch Reflections are articles written by students who want to share their experiences, thoughts, and concerns. This is a great opportunity for students to branch out beyond traditional news stories.  This edition features a “Mustang Ahead” staff member’s views on the value of internships.

Ally Ellis – Mustangs Ahead

Reflections icon (2)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – If you ask any high schooler who is trying to get into a dream college, he or she would tell you they would do anything just to get in. From Grade Point Average (GPA), clubs, sports, community service hours and a job, they need something to set them apart from all the other kids applying with the same application.

Many may pass up the option of an internship, as they see no benefits when they can have a job and get paid, since most internships are unpaid. Internships, however, can set students apart when applying to colleges and give them an experience that maybe a job wouldn’t.

LRHS junior Olivia Benson said, “I have worked many jobs over my high school years but have never considered doing an internship. I still am unsure of what I want to major in throughout college and feel that an internship can show me that experience.”

LRHS college and career counselor, Michelle Todoroff, explained that seniors need not consider a full internship since they are required to shadow a career for a day. She also explained that high schoolers are more often the ones to shadow, which is a day experience, where college students hold unpaid internships for long periods of time.

As a high schooler applying to colleges next fall, I am trying to add that one special thing to my resume. Recently, I applied for an internship at Observer in Sarasota, to show colleges how much I enjoy journalism and writing, along with my four years of journalism class.

Although I have already had a paying job for over eight months, I feel that an internship also has benefits. For instance, gain more work experience, develop skills, and most importantly explore a career path that I am interested in.

Over the years, a large number of college kids majored in a subject they had no experience in and came out of college still having no experience in that topic.

Internships can show people work field experience and give them an opportunity to see what their day to day life would be in that job.

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