Ranch reviews – “Aquaman” sails to success

Jack Forman – Mustangs Ahead

reviews symbol (4)(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As the latest addition to the DC cinematic universe, “Aquaman” really isn’t a great movie. This stature can be more closely attributed to the likes of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” or Marvel’s “Infinity war”, but this movie does something else that can be praised just as highly.

“Aquaman” performs as a movie that isn’t very complex but establishes a known character. This isn’t very noteworthy for Marvel, but that DC seems to have trouble pulling this off.

“Aquaman” is the typical story of a man with potential who is trained through trial, error, and redemption in order to become the man he’s supposed to be. It really can’t fail in its genre due to its simplistic nature.

Jason Momoa, the lead actor, is incredible for this role as he conveys this extremely relatable superhuman that cares about the little things in life. Due to his relatable nature, he’s able to maintain a sense of realism in his fantastical universe.

The development of his character truly felt like progress and not a superhuman solving superhuman problems. By the end, you’re left satisfied with the man he finally becomes and that’s what makes this movie so compelling.

DC characters are largely regarded for their depth, but until now DC seems to keep jumping the excitement gun instead of exploring them as individuals.

It’s hard not to look back and imagine this film, along with “Wonder Women”, coming out long before the large-scale stories DC has already force-fed. If this was the case, DC fans could’ve entered “The Justice league” with a sense of anticipation for what is expected by the individual heroes, instead of spending the movie trying to set up these mostly unknown characters.

Marvel has nailed this formula.  They seem to understand the importance of developing characters and then capitalizing on a story that can then be explored with the viewer already aware of what kind of skillsets these characters possess.

Making a film with an already beloved character(s) should be a grey area between anticipation and mystery which pays homage to the already large fanbase while giving the new viewers the sense of understanding. This formula worked exceptionally for a film like “Aquaman” but it seems too little too late for other key DC projects.

Overall “Aquaman” is a great addition to whatever is left of the DC Extended Universe and has potential to present a fan favorite character in future films.

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