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cropped-lrhs-logo-2000-x-2000(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS students write essays, reports, notes, comments, and even poetry.  These are usually turned in for a grade or points, but some Mustangs write even when they don’t get credit.  A number of Mustangs enjoy writing for its own sake, writing about everything from personal experiences to creative non-fiction stories.

Though the concept of free writing may seem odd or dull to some, many Mustangs find the technique useful and enjoyable, among these Mustangs is Madison Facciolla, a junior who hopes to share, and maybe find a career, through her writing.

“My favorite part of writing is the satisfaction of finally completing a story or a script that started out as a vague idea and that I’ve turned into a developed and interesting final product. I first started writing short stories when I was in elementary school, then gravitated towards screenplays once I got into sixth grade,” she said, explaining her growing love for writing.

In addition to writing for fun, free writing can help set students up for certain careers by helping increase their skills and experience. Facciolla wishes to one day become a screen writer, “I would love a career in writing, specifically screenwriting and film direction, and I decided that this is what I want to do around the beginning of seventh grade.”

Not only can writing help individuals prepare for certain careers, but it can serve as an outlet to restless or creative minds. For many, writing can be a way of releasing anger or expressing happiness. Along with being a way of venting, writing can help improve muscle memory, develop better writing skills, and it is a great exercise for your mind, as said in

Talent can be found all around the Ranch, from the leaders of the marching band, to the creative minds writing for themselves, or creative minds who wish to share their work with others.

“While I do write for my own satisfaction and enjoyment, it feels great when other people can enjoy it as well.” Facciolla explained.

A convenient opportunity for Mustangs to publicly share their work is through the “Mustang Musings,” the school’s arts magazine. The program, hosted by LRHS “Mustangs Ahead” journalism teacher Thomas Honsa, shares works from the creative minds at the Ranch, everything from original music, to poetry, to stories.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the magazine can contact Honsa at The window for accepting contributions will close in February.

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