LRHS nurse retires after 35 years

louden retiring
LRHS nurse Gloria Louden (r) bids farewell to fellow nurse Christine Sullivan and the rest of the LRHS community

Claudia Estevez and Amanda Hamende – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS Nurse Gloria Louden is retiring after 35 years in the school district. Her last day was Friday.

She started her job at LRHS in 2010. She got into nursing when a friend convinced her to work with her at schools.

Her first job in Manatee County was a Joe Berta Bullock Elementary School.

Louden states, “My favorite memory of Lakewood Ranch High School is just making friends with the students and the staff, it’s all family to me. I take you all as my kids and I take care of you like my kids.”

Since Louden first started Nursing has required more paperwork.

“The school has changed because of all the new faces and a lot of new people and it has gotten so big I don’t get to meet everybody,” she said. “I will miss being with the kids and staff that I’m so used to being with.”

Louden said even though she’s leaving LRHS, she’ll stay busy.

“I plan to have fun and enjoy my grandchildren,” she said.  “I’ll probably volunteer at their school.

“I’ll also help my husband with his business.  He’s a landscaper,” she continued.

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