LRHS a second career for new science teacher

Olivia Benson – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As the semester comes to an end, a new teacher has come to LRHS. Mark Hill is a new science teacher and is excited for what’s to come.

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Mark Hill brings professional experience to the LRHS science classroom.

Mustangs Ahead (MA): How many years have you been teaching?

Mark Hill (MH): None, this is my first year.

MA: What made you decide to become a teacher?

MH: I wanted a career change.

MA: What are you excited about this year?

MH: I’m excited to help my students learn about science.

MA: What made you choose LRHS?

MH: Florida needs Biology and science teachers, and LRHS had an immediate opening.

MA: What do you teach?

MH: Science, more specifically biology.

MA: Why did you choose the subject you teach?

MH: It was what I studied in college.

MA: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given about teaching?

MH: Work hard every day.

MA: How was your first day at LRHS?

MH: Very helpful and friendly.

MA: What are the pros and cons of your job?

MH: Pro: I love to help others learn.

Con: There’s a lot of names and new faces to remember.

MA: What college did you go to?

MH: Samford, which is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

MA: Are you married? If so, how long?

MH: Yes, I’ve been married for 37 years.

MA: How old are you?

MH: I am 60 years old.

MA: Where are you from?

MH: I am from Alabama.

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